Northland women are first to qualify as cable jointers

Press Release – Northpower
Two former Northland women have become the first in New Zealand to qualify as cable jointers in the electricity sector. Dargaville’s Robyn Dawes, 25, and Whangarei’s Aroha McLean, 43, both now based in Auckland, are formally certified cable jointers after three year apprenticeships.

Along the way they have broken a barrier and say they want other women to follow.

Despite having a degree in IT, Ms Dawes says it was a chance sighting of a newspaper advertisement that led her to the electricity sector and a career change.

It was the same paper, same ad and same result for her colleague and Ms McLean says it has been an immensely satisfying journey so far – one she plans to continue for many years.

Northpower’s Business Support General Manager Barbara Harrison says their achievement is impressive.

“This is a great achievement for Robyn and Aroha. They have added so much to our team because they bring skills to the work group which helps unlock the potential of others,” says Ms Harrison.

Both women have completed their training under the academic guidance of the Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation (ESITO).

In August last year ESITO launched Ultimit (formerly Women in Power), a collaborative energy sector initiative opening pathways for women into the traditionally male-dominated industry. Northpower and Electrix are founding partners.

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