Have a go at the city’s new housing simulator

Press Release – Auckland City Council
Aucklanders are being urged to have a go at setting out how they think Auckland should grow, with the Shape Auckland Housing Simulator.

The simulator challenges Aucklanders to find space for another 400,000 homes. Councillor Michael Goudie says the council is trying out new and innovative methods to reach a wider audience in engagement on the draft Auckland Unitary Plan.

Cllr Goudie says: “Auckland’s a big and varied place, but the simulator gives people a really simple way to visualise some of the decisions that need to be made through the unitary plan. It shows the trade-offs between heights in our centres, growth in density across suburban Auckland and growth out into rural areas.”

Cllr Goudie says the figures in the simulator and the model itself are clearly just indicators. He says it’s also important to remember that while the unitary plan will be the rulebook that sets out what can be built and where – the development that actually happens is down to landowners themselves.

There are more than 3 million ‘solutions’ that will create at least 400,000 homes. Aucklanders are urged to set out what they think, hit submit to send it through to the council and then share their solution with friends and challenge them to see what they come up with. There is also a button that demonstrates the kind of growth that the draft unitary plan could enable.

Cllr Goudie says what’s really important is that after having a go at the simulator, people can then go to the main page at www.shapeauckland.co.nz, view the video and then look at the plan itself to see what it says about where they live. They can then have their say in more detail using the feedback form.

“I really hope this encourages a lot more people to get involved in the engagement,” Cllr Goudie says. “The plan will set how Auckland grows for decades to come, so it’s really important that younger people in particular have their say.”

The council has also run a youth video competition to help promote the unitary plan to younger Aucklanders. There are currently five finalist videos that can be viewed at the Shape Auckland site, with the winner being the one with the most YouTube hits when engagement ends.

Aucklanders have until 31 May to have their say.


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