“No apology:” Auckland Transport doubling penalty train fare to $20

Press Release – Auckland Transport
From this Sunday, Auckland Transport’s Penalty Fare for anyone who boards a train without a valid ticket or a tagged on AT HOP card, will increase from $10.30 to $20.00. The Penalty Fare is managed by Auckland Transport’s train operator, Veolia Transport using on-board ticket inspection staff.

Auckland Transport’s Board Chairman, Lester Levy says, “We make no apology for this increase. Travelling on Auckland’s train services with the intention of travelling without a valid ticket or a tagged on AT HOP card, is not only theft of a service but theft from Auckland’s taxpayers and ratepayers who subsidise the service.

“Internationally penalty fares are seen as a civil debt and are used to discourage casual fare evasion and disregard for ticketing rules, the same applies in Auckland”.

Dr Levy says, “To put it simply, you must pay to travel on trains. Auckland trains operate on a pre-pay system which requires everyone to pay their way to ensure we can continue to invest in improving trains, stations and services for the benefit of Aucklanders.

“The Penalty Fare is only one of a range of measures Auckland Transport will be putting in place to deter fare evaders.

“If you have been unable to purchase a ticket for any reason that can be discussed with Veolia’s on-board staff”.

Single train tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at all stations. The other option is to use an AT HOP card. The AT HOP card can be purchased for $10 from staff on trains and at ticket offices at Britomart, Newmarket, New Lynn and Papakura train stations and loaded online.


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