Piha and Muriwai at risk? Auckland deep sea oil watchdog group launched

Press Release – Deep Sea Oil Watch
A new deep sea oil watchdog group has been formed in Auckland in response to the government’s announcement yesterday that deep sea oil drilling could take place off Auckland’s West Coast beaches.

Deep Sea Oil Watch Auckland is highly disappointed that the government is considering such a high risk activity off such an iconic piece of coastline.

“Deep Sea Oil Watch Auckland is deeply concerned that beaches like Piha and Muriwai could be at risk from an oil spill should drilling be allowed to go ahead” said the newly formed group’s spokesperson Claire Dann.

“This announcement is a shock to Aucklanders who live at or regularly visit our West coast beaches and who have had no warning that oil drilling was on the cards for this area.

“These beaches are part of the identity of Aucklanders and the government has clearly lost the plot if it thinks that oil drilling off this coast is a good idea said Ms Dann.

Deep Sea Oil Watch Auckland is distressed that the Government is expanding the fossil fuel industry in the face of climate change. “The duel risks of climate change and oil spills mean that this industry should be wound down not expanded.

“The government and prospective oil companies must realise that Aucklanders will not tolerate this and should consider themselves on notice.

“We will be working with all Aucklanders who oppose this insane proposal off our coast to ensure no drilling ever occurs.” said Ms Dann.

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