Candidate criticises Arch Hill “busybodies” for opposing Bunnings

Press Release – Affordable Auckland
“It seems the grumpy ‘mind everyone else’s business’ neighbourhood busybodies are loose in Arch Hill with their petition to stop Bunnings getting resource consent to build in the area,” says Affordable Auckland Waitemata & Gulf candidate, Stephen Berry.

“I want the ward I aspire to represent to be economically successful and its residents gainfully employed. That’s why the building of this Bunnings warehouse has my full support,” Berry says. “It seems ludicrous to me that a group of residents could allow their blind nimbyism to cloud their rational faculties, duping themselves into supporting increased unemployment. Fewer jobs are exactly what the opponents of retail construction support!”

The Affordable Auckland party believes that Auckland will be more prosperous if the development of private property is not subject to hold ups caused by individuals objecting to land use when it has no effect on their own properties. Berry says, “The reason housing is unaffordable in Auckland is because of these council mandated roadblocks. Compliance costs, resource consent processes and the power of a few curmudgeons to halt progress and growth are major contributions to greater building costs. Even companies which seek to create hundreds of jobs in their local communities are reduced to asking permission to do so.

“An Affordable Auckland Council will take steps to streamline the consent process as much as possible; increasing housing affordability, business profitability and economic growth in the region. Only those whose properties may be directly affected should have any say in these developments. Professional moaners who want to whinge about ‘community vibe,’ such as these anti-Bunnings residents, should not continue to be permitted to act as a burden on the productive and constructive.”

Affordable Auckland is one of six local body political parties contesting the 2013 local elections under the Affordable City umbrella. More parties will be announced soon.

Stephen Berry
Waitemata & Gulf candidate
Affordable Auckland

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  1. JR, 27. April 2013, 16:05

    Affordable housing, in fact, any type of housing is just what this site would suit. If the author had done his homework better, he would realise that this area has some of lowest rates of unemployment in the city, and that the residents are not opposed to development. Development that is appropriate to the area is welcome. Bunnings is a non-compliant acitivity for a mixed use zone, whereas affordable housing above small businesses is exactly what this mixed use zone could be used for. All that with prime views across to the waitemata harbour and waitakere ranges.

    I do not consider a company that imports containers and containers of junk that is destined for landfill in a matter of months or years (if lucky), to be a constructive and productive activity.

  2. Sandy Smith, 27. April 2013, 18:23

    “This guy is really on to something! Of course objecting to a massive warehouse development in a residential area with heritage houses means you support unemployment in New Zealand” said no one. Ever!

  3. BeeJay, 27. April 2013, 19:56

    Not only could be used for but should be used for … modest reasonably priced (affordable) housing, mixed with small business, close to central parts of Auckland AND on a main route corridor – moving people faster & easier on public transport & stemming the tide of gridlock. If ever there was a drain on the economy and people’s well-being getting rid of the latter surely ranks right up there … NOT bulldozers ploughing through consent processes further afield ! That’s the very reason this site has been designated MUZone. Take heed Aucklanders … it’s time to take back our city, FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE ! Local body elections not far away now – thanks for the early alert Mr Berry, our alarm bells are already in full force ! Affordable Auckland – NOT !

  4. Lois Hampstead, 27. April 2013, 23:25

    Mmmm bizarre reasoning from someone who aspires to represent the area. A massive warehouse of Australian junk in the middle of heritage housing and adding to the clogging up of a main transport corridor makes real sense – not. Never mind that they pay their NZ staff much less than their Aussie counterparts as well. Seems like Mr Berry wants an affordable Auckland at the expense of NZers.

  5. Anne Williams, 28. April 2013, 6:51

    We used to live in Niger St, at the end of King St where this development is planned. Dear Mr Berry – the scale of this development is completely out of keeping with the streets and area – the opponents of it would welcome an affordable housing scheme with mixed low impact commercial. Bunnings is NOT going to provide significant employment for local residents, this is an inner city suburb and prices are sky high. Sadly very few people working for Bunnings would be able to afford housing in this area: they will commute, just as most of the staff in the daycare next door do, and at the local school in Monmouth Street. Affordable Auckland sounds like unfettered development with no heed to the environment – quick trip back to the 80s anyone?

  6. Ingrid, 2. May 2013, 16:28

    I definitely will NOT be voting for Stephen Berry and will make sure to share that with all my friends and neighbours!!

  7. Katie, 2. May 2013, 22:21

    Stephen Berry Spouts Nonsensical Views about Arch Hill residents!

    Mr Berry – do your homework!!

    Your assessment of the situation and inflammatory statements are misguided. You make very strong accusations for someone who has not engaged with residents to understand what their concerns are.
    If you had bothered to investigate you would know that :
    • Interest is high in following the goal of the draft Unitary Plan, intensifying affordable housing, and capitalising on some of the best views on the Arch Hill/Grey Lynn ridgeline by way of an apartment dwelling, with small retail and hospitality venues at street level.
    • But wait…. Isn’t supporting intensified housing and employment what Affordable Auckland is all about??? THIS is precisely the intent of a MUZone (mixed use), the very thing the community is fighting to maintain.

    Big box developments such as the Bunning’s proposal are a significant backwards step in the development of the community and will inhibit future positive and appropriate improvements like intensified living along the ridgeline.