Traffic delays and back-ups “a taste of things to come for the city”

Media release from Auckland Council
The chair of Auckland Council’s independent transport funding working group says the traffic woes of recent weeks are just a taste of things to come for the city.

“Slow vehicle speeds through the central city, buses backed up and frustrated motorists, are a timely reminder of the need for Aucklanders to think ahead and consider new and innovative ways to solve our transport problems,” says Stewart Milne, Chair of the Consensus Building Group (CBG) on Alternative Transport Funding.

The statements come as the CBG launch their Keep Auckland Moving campaign aimed at raising awareness of the growth challenges facing Auckland and of the need to find an extra $400 million for transport each year for the next 30 years.

“Recent suggestions like putting up screens around accidents and spreading out the closing times of businesses will not solve Auckland’s fundamental problem – one million extra people over the next thirty years.”

“Aucklanders need to come clean – recent woes are just a taste of things to come. If our transport network cannot cope with a mid afternoon accident on the Southern Motorway, then we have no hope of supporting a population increase exceeding the total population of the Wellington region,” says Milne.

The group, established by Auckland Council to find alternative revenue sources for funding improvements to Auckland’s transport network, consists of representatives from a broad range of organisations. They are tasked with reporting back to Auckland Council in July this year on their preferred recommendations for raising the additional transport revenue needed to complete the Auckland Plan transport programme. Options on the table include the consideration of changes to existing revenue sources, such as rates and fuel taxes, alongside some innovative new ideas based on overseas experience.

For a look at the campaign visit The CBG will seek public feedback on their proposals following the release of a discussion document at the end of April.