Street battle in Manurewa; 100 people fighting in Russell Road area

News from Auckland Police
Police received 25 separate calls at 2.30 this morning from residents in the Russell Road area of Manurewa reporting up to 100 people fighting in the streets.

When Police arrived, they came under attack from a large number of youths armed with bottles and other weapons.

Approximately 40 officers, two police dogs and the police helicopter Eagle were deployed and took about 30 minutes to restore order.

A large number of arrests were made, and the remainder of the youths eventually dispersed into the surrounding neighbourhood.



  1. laydee kay, 24. March 2013, 10:06

    OMG was there anyone hurt???

  2. Secret, 25. March 2013, 10:41

    south auckland is full of islanders and gangs, no offense to anyone but it’s really not a decent place to move/live at. Hope cops were ok

  3. Proclaim, 25. March 2013, 12:32

    Acutually you’re wrong, Secret: once you live in south auckland you will know the heart of it. Don’t judge something by one incident. I know you have issues yourself, so don’t go there.

  4. Walter Scheer, 27. March 2013, 11:34

    Well I moved from Snell Beach to South Auckland 12 years back…
    My friends called me …
    I must say in all my time here with being fully exposed to all areas with my job, at any time of the day…
    I feel safe, no trouble ever.
    Lived in Torbay a few years back for a while, came back SOUTH
    those drunk white kids are scary, to say the least…
    Being color blind helps me a lot.