Man falls to his death while participating in team-building fun day at Woodhill

News from NZ Police
A 57-year-old man fell to his death yesterday while attending a team building fun day at Treetops Adventures, Woodhill, Auckland.

A Doctor and an Advanced Paramedic were participants on the course nearby and rushed to assist the man. He died at the scene as a result of his injuries.

OSH attended the scene and are working closely with Treetop Adventures to investigate how the the fatality occurred.

Victim support have been involved and are supporting the dead man’s family and work colleagues.

Company defends its safety standards


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  1. phoebe, 4. March 2013, 16:24

    i never ever want to go to tree tops again, i went there with the middle syndicate at my school for camp. I hope that no one else falls to their death at tree tops. I feel sorry for his wife and his kids. My question is how did he fall? i think the equipment on the harness might have been damaged.