Concern about Unitary Plan and its new rules

Press Release – No More Rates
The Government must not agree with the Mayor’s request to make the Unitary Plan take effect from notification date in September.

Concern about the draft Unitary Plan is now widespread across the whole of the Auckland region, with new complaints arising about difficulties in viewing hard copies of the Plan, and dis-satisfaction with the amount of time needed to plough through the on-line version.

Hard copies are available only at selected libraries, at Manukau, Waitakere and Takapuna as well as on the first floor at Central City Library, and at Orewa and Pukekohe libraries.

The Council will post out a CD of the plan [within 5 working days] which will eliminate the need to spend hours on line – but will not be any help to those who do not have a computer, usually older ratepayers.

This Plan is hugely important as it sets the rules for every home and business in the region, and the total effect of the whole Plan will change the communities of Auckland for ever.

With this scenario it is totally unacceptable for the Plan to be made effective in September, before ratepayers and residents have every opportunity to consider how it will affect them and their communities – and have their objections and submissions heard, and decisions open to appeal.

If there is a need to make land more readily available, to provide opportunites for affordable housing, there should be a process put in place which does not rely on the Unitary Plan being made effective the way the Mayor is demanding.

There is on-going dis-enchantment, in many quarters, at the way the SuperCity is being governed, with ratepayers and residents having little or no influence on decision making.

Many Local Boards are seen as being ineffective in persuading the Governing Body of Councillors to act on the wishes of ratepayers and residents.

For many, the Unitary Plan process is seen as a further action by a Council out of touch with its residents and ratepayers.

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