Perpetual lateness, reliable unreliability – an open letter to Auckland Transport

Opinion by Tim Watkin in Pundit
Dear Auckland Transport, Veolia and all those others who make up the mish-mash of operators and overseers of Auckland trains.

I like trains. I really do. I’ve been commuting to and from work on them for the past four years. I talk to people about them in social occasions. Just yesterday I took an American visitor on the Eastern Line and as we chugged across the estuary with water on either side of the tracks, I waxed lyrical about what must be one of the most attractive commuter rides in the world.

But your service and perpetual lateness is driving me off the rails. When I was just riding the Eastern Line for nine minutes, I could deal with the reliable unreliability; being a couple of minutes late even suited my own, sometimes fluid, sense of time.

There were those few conference calls I was late for and the like, but they were few and far between and I got good at running between work and/or the car and the station when necessary.

But I’ve got a new job and I have to change lines. Frankly, connecting train lines in Auckland these days is harder than connecting flights at LAX (and anyone who’s tried that knows it’s an exquisitely awful form of torture). Most days I’m losing 20 minutes of working time due to late trains.

Let me tell you a few stories about this year.

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