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Mystery solved: shoeless boy found in Takapuna at 4am, reclaimed at 8.30am

News from NZ Police
Shortly after 8.30am this morning, Police were contacted by an aunty who had been caring for the four year old boy found wandering Takapuna streets about 4.00am in nappies.

The family had arrived in NZ at about 2-00am from Samoa and had gone to spend the remainder of the night at a North Shore address. The boy was put to bed but wandered off unnoticed. Everyone had slept-in after their late night arrival. which is why it took so long for the family to notify police.

In the meantime he had enjoyed a brief stay with the authorities courtesy of the Children and Young Persons service.

He has been reunited with his family and Police thank the media for their assistance.

News from NZ Police at 6.33am
A 3 to 4 year old boy was found by a member of the public this morning at about 4.00am on Lake Road, Takapuna. The boy is wearing jeans and a blue sweatshirt. He has socks on but no shoes.

He speaks a foreign language and is possibly of Asian descent.

The boy is currently at the North Shore Policing Centre.

Please contact the North Shore Policing Centre with any information.