Teenager dies in hospital after being shot by air rifle in Manurewa

News from NZ Police
An 18-year-old died at a Manurewa address on Saturday night after being shot with an airgun. A group of five youths were at the address and had been playing with an air rifle and an air pistol as well as drinking alcohol.

The youth was given medical treatment at the scene with the assistance of neighbours before being taken to Middlemore Hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

At this stage there is no indication that the shooting was a deliberate act. However the will be subject to a thorough investigation to determine whether anyone will face charges as a result of the death.

Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the shooting and have recovered both weapons. Further investigation has determined that the weapon that fired the fatal shot was a Crosman Brand .177 Calibre Nitro Venom Break Barrell Air Rifle.

Detective Inspector Dave Lynch says that airguns are powerful weapons that have potential to kill or seriously injure. They need to be handled in the same manner as firearms and certainly not used by anyone under the influence of alcohol.

“This tragedy should serve as a painful reminder that these weapons are not toys and need to be used in a controlled environment by responsible people with appropriate target awareness and knowledge of their power.”

The dead youth will undergo a Post-mortem examination and Police will then release his name.