Baby zebra born at Hamilton Zoo

Press Release – Hamilton City Council

Marble and her yet to be named foal

Always wanted to see a baby zebra? Well here’s your chance at Hamilton Zoo. Hamilton Zoo is celebrating the birth of a baby Zebra who was born on Monday.

Yet to be named, the male foal was born early Monday morning. He is the first zebra to be born at Hamilton Zoo since 30 November 2011.

The foal is the fourth for mother Marble (nine years) who was born in Hamilton Zoo in 2003 and the 11th for father Bwana (eight years) who was born in 2004 at Adelaide Zoo and imported to Hamilton in 2005.

Yesterday’s birth takes the number of zebra at Hamilton Zoo to a total of seven, including three males and four females.

Both mother and foal are doing well and Zoo Keeper, Louise van der Sande, is very excited about the new addition to the Hamilton Zoo team.

“The foal is doing really great. He’s healthy and is walking and drinking from his mother. Like horses, zebras are highly sociable animals.”

If you want to see the cute new addition, then come to Hamilton Zoo and say hello. He can be found in the savannah enclosure with the giraffes and antelopes.

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