Chinese tourism increases by 17.6 per cent

Press Release – Tourism New Zealand
Visitor arrivals from Asia remained strong in November, with China, Japan, Indonesia and Korea all showing strong growth. The increase in arrivals from Japan, up 3.3 per cent in November, indicates on-going recovery in the market. Chinese arrivals grew 17.6 per cent for the month, seeing China overtake the United Kingdom to become New Zealand’s second biggest source of visitors in the November year.

“It is now more than a year since we started seeing significant growth from the China market, and while we anticipate the growth to continue it is unlikely that we will see the huge percentages continue.

“Over the past year, this route has witnessed a flight frequency increase from three times weekly to daily. The recent MOU signed with China Southern, and the daily flights between China and Auckland that started in November 2011, will help support this continued growth.

“China represents a huge growth opportunity for New Zealand. The challenge for the industry in 2013 will be to increase awareness of the range of activities and experiences – and encourage Chinese visitors to stay longer and do more while they are here.”


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  1. Geoff Hendon, 7. February 2013, 12:59

    Hi i am from the uk and have been in new zealand for six years because my wife lives here. i can say the place is so so overrated.auckland is just full of immigrants. the countryside is no better than scotland .the people are weird/well most of them anyway. there is very little kiwi culture left here. forget what the glossy magazines say. save your money and go to ozzy. Also beware it is not a safe place. The crime here is shocking. You’re more safe in London. (Abridged)

  2. TY Mead, 11. February 2013, 15:54

    Ahhh…Mr Hendon, are you not an “immigrant” yourself?? Perhaps you should just go back to where you came from, surely no one is making you stay.