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Middle Earth demonstration against trade talks

Press Release – Socialist Aotearoa
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“One ‘trade agreement’ to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them”.
Outraged Aucklanders in Middle Earth garb will gather this afternoon to protest against the undemocratic Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a ‘free trade’ and investment agreement with the United States and 9 other countries that will sell out New Zealand’s sovereignty for the benefit of international corporate interests. Our environment, our healthcare system, workers’ rights, freedom of information and the ability to govern ourselves are seriously threatened by the TPPA, yet it is being negotiated behind closed doors.

The Evil forces of Multinational Mordor gather at the Tower of the Sky. All good working Dwarves, environmentalist Elves and honest Hobbits will take swords and shields in hand, and Unite the Fellowship to defend Middle Earth against the darkening hordes of the TPPA. THEY SHALL NOT PASS!

Endorsed by the High Council of the Fellowship, the Elven Environmental Alliance, the Dwarven Methrylworkers Union and Hobbits First.

“John Key – ignore us at your own peril.”

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