More affordable housing? Partnership brings experience to Northern Glen Innes project

Press Release – Housing New Zealand
Housing New Zealand has named a group of three experienced development companies, Creating Communities, as the partner for the Northern Glen Innes redevelopment project.

The Creating Communities group is made up of Arrow International, Hopper Developments and Southside Group which joined forces to deliver upon Housing New Zealand’s redevelopment plans for the area.

“We are very pleased to confirm Creating Communities as our partner for this key project,” says Sean Bignell, General Manager Asset Development, Housing New Zealand.

“The group has the capability to make the vision for the project come to life. Over the next six months we will be working closely together to progress the project.

“The Northern Glen Innes redevelopment project will help meet demand for more affordable housing options, as demand continues to rise across both Auckland and New Zealand.”

The announcement paves the way for the physical redevelopment work to begin by mid-2013.

“We are looking forward to working with Housing New Zealand and the local community to get this exciting redevelopment project off the ground,” says Murdoch Dryden, a director of Creating Communities.

Housing New Zealand will keep its tenants and the community informed as the project progresses. All of those tenants who will be affected by the redevelopment have been informed and supported by Housing New Zealand staff.

“Those tenants who have already been relocated have all moved to an area of their choice, including Glen Innes. The remaining tenants will also be moved to locations that suit them, including being close to schools, work and community networks,” says Mr Bignell.

Mr Bignell adds there is still some work to be done before construction begins, so tenants can remain in their houses until the implementation stage. They will be given plenty of notice and support when it is time for them to relocate.

Meanwhile, 40 houses within the Northern Glen Innes area have been modernised to create warmer, drier homes for tenants. A further 276 exterior upgrades to state rental houses across Tamaki have been done by Housing New Zealand.

“This is all part of our work towards improving the area for those who live in our houses, and for their neighbours,” says Mr Bignell.

Background Housing New Zealand provides safe and affordable homes for people in greatest need. As New Zealand’s largest landlord, we own or lease about 69,000 properties, housing around 200,000 people. The needs of the our applicants and tenants change constantly, this means we need to understand, plan for and deliver changes to our housing stock to match -€“ it is a big challenge. We are committed to meeting this challenge by investing in new, warm, dry, improved state housing, homes that are the right size for our applicants today and in the future. We are redeveloping some areas where our houses are highly concentrated. National and international research has confirmed that mixed communities can lead to an overall improvement in life chances for all, including more vulnerable members such as our customers.

Our vision for the future is that state houses are part of healthy, sustainable, mixed communities including state, social and privately owned properties. Where possible, we incorporate affordable housing into redevelopment projects. To achieve this we partner with businesses and iwi organisations as well as other government agencies and local authorities

Background -€“ Northern Glen Innes redevelopment project
The northern Glen Innes redevelopment project proposes the redevelopment of 156 properties to create at least 260 new homes, including:

• 78 that Housing New Zealand will own • at least 39 other affordable homes (possibly owned or managed through other social or community housing providers)

• the remainder for private sale. The redevelopment will increase the number of houses in Glen Innes, including options to rent from community based organisations, home ownership opportunities, and private sector rentals. It will provide better quality state housing that meets the needs of the families Housing New Zealand houses. The project also involves modernising another 40 state houses in northern Glen Innes.

Creating Communities is owned equally by three shareholder partners being Arrow International, Hopper Developments and Southside Group.

Arrow International: Arrow International is a project delivery company that plans, manages and builds capital works projects. Established in Dunedin in 1984, Arrow now has 10 offices throughout New Zealand together with a construction company based in Melbourne, Australia, and also undertakes projects throughout the Pacific. Arrow International is one of the country’s largest construction companies and has been involved in undertaking the planning, management and construction of a diverse range of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Arrow International’s interest in Creating Communities Limited is held via its wholly owned development subsidiary Arcus Developments Limited.

Hopper Developments: Formed in 1953 Hopper Developments is a privately owned land development company based in Orewa, just north of Auckland. While primarily a land development company, Hoppers has diversified into housing construction, retirement village development, civil construction and infrastructure financing and management.

Southside Group: Southside Group is an Auckland based development and property management group which commenced business in the late 1980s. Southside’s original business was the development of small residential housing projects and it currently undertakes significant commercial, industrial, multi-storey apartment and residential developments in the greater Auckland area. Recent residential projects undertaken by Southside and its partners include Baverstock Park and Eastpark Village, both of which are located in South Auckland. Southside have partnered with Dryden Property Ltd, an East Auckland property development and investment business, to deliver this project. Dryden Family businesses have a long association with Glen Innes. Murdoch Dryden, the owner of Dryden Property, is currently Chairman of the Glen Innes Business Association. Southside Group’s interest in Creating Communities Limited is held via Glen Brae Holdings Limited.

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  1. BHDA, 12. December 2012, 11:46

    That will not create affordable housing and the project lacks community consultation.
    Adding multiple of developers to profit off it will do nothing to fix any of the problems.