City Mission organising NZ’s biggest Christmas lunch: 2500 guests

News from the Auckland City Mission
Every day of the year the Auckland City Mission works to make our community a better place for all Aucklanders. We do this by providing free social services to marginalised Aucklanders and by working to ensure that the rights and needs of all groups in our community are considered when decisions about their future are made. Christmas is the busiest time of year at the Mission.

In addition to running our normal social services, which include emergency assistance, community support for older people, drug and alcohol programmes, a medical centre and programmes to support homeless people to reintegrate into the community, our work at Christmas involves:

Hosting New Zealand’s largest Christmas Lunch with around 2,500 guests joining us to celebrate Christmas together.

Distributing 25,000 Christmas presents to low-income families in the Auckland region. We give presents not only to people who visit the Mission directly, but also to other community groups so they can distribute presents to the families they work with.

Providing Christmas goods along with our food parcels. The hampers provide families and individuals with Christmas treats like chocolates, biscuits, tinned fruit and a turkey or chicken which helps them organise a special Christmas at home.

Running our largest fundraising appeal. Throughout December we work to raise funds to assist with the running of our Christmas activities and our social services. We also work to get enough presents and food to distribute to families and individuals in need. The financial target for this year’s Christmas Appeal is $900,000.

Throughout Christmas the profile of the Auckland City Mission is at its highest.

The Christmas Day Lunch is the culmination of several months of intense planning and management of the event runs side by side with all other Christmas activities, such as corporate present wrapping events for the distribution of community presents, Christmas hampers, Christmas Street Appeal, and presents for Christmas Day.

Key Sponsors 2012:
Jetstar and Waterfront Auckland

Event Run sheet
Monday 24th December
7am Dessert Kitchen Volunteers Arrive Meat/Vegetables Kitchen Volunteers Arrive
10am Extra Kitchen / Clean Up volunteers arrive 10:30am Preparation of all food done and finalised by 12.

Tuesday 25th December
6am to 2.30pm: \
Viaduct Events Centre
6am Cooking begins 7am Tables and venue decorated by volunteers and members of the Mission team

10:30am Remaining volunteers arrive approx. 450 on site

Wynyard Quarter
10.45 to 11.15 Choir practise at the Gantry in Silo Park for Santa’s helpers
11.15 Opening of the final door of the Advent Calendar

11.30am to€“ 2pm Viaduct Events Centre

11.30am Doors open
11.30 to€“ 12.30pm Entertainment
12.30pm Welcome from the City Missioner, Diane Robertson Short speech by Jetstar Representative (Key Sponsor) Grace by Bishop Jim White

Christmas Lunch served

11:15pm First course finished
11:15pm Dessert served
1.30pm Father Christmas arrives Presents distributed Cake handed out

Christmas Menu

Main course

Chicken with gravy: 240kgs Ham: 240kg Gourmet Potatoes: 240kg Roast kumara: 240kgs Beans: 60 kg Carrots: 60kg Dessert Ice-cream: 500 Litres Fruit 100 litres Jelly: 150 litres Christmas Cake 2.500 slices Decorations Table Cloths: 165 Balloons: 500 Christmas Crackers: 3000 Presents on the day: 3000


Lollies: 3000 bags Chocolate: 3000 bars Drinks: 6000 bottles Cookies: 2500 Christmas tree cookies Cakes: 1000

Volunteer Time Around 200 hours of volunteer time is invested in the month preceding Christmas. Our key volunteers, who return year after year, start meeting at the Mission to plan and train in preparation for the big day.

On the day we estimate each of our 550 volunteers put in around five hours each = 2750 hours of volunteer time in total.

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