The cost of the city rail link

by Councillor Cameron Brewer
I hope you’ve had your say on the draft Regional Public Transport Plan. Submissions close at 4pm today.

Auckland Transport have kept their heads down on this one, and so few Aucklanders know about this all important draft document which recommends “the public transport services that Auckland Transport proposes for the region over the next 10 years”.

And I now know why.

Page eight of the draft RPTP shows just how much the $2.86b City Rail Link is going to suck up of Auckland’s public transport infrastructure build over the next decade. A whopping 80%!!!

“The 2012/15 Auckland Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP) allocates $7,081m to public transport services and infrastructure over the next 10 years… This includes $3,483m for services and $3,598m for public transport infrastructure (with approximately 80 per cent allocated to the City Rail Link).”

All Auckland’s other new PT infrastructure (eg new bus lanes and new ferry terminals) for the decade receives a paltry $736m. Happy with that? I’m not.


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  1. Paul, 15. January 2013, 5:46

    It’s a vital piece of infrastructure for a growing city. The thought of living back in Auckland with its gridlocked traffic and poor public transport brings me out in cold sweats. Development is essential to attract talent – it’s 2013, people have expectations of an international city and Auckland has been held back by penny pinchers for decades. Go for it I say.