Two 16-year-olds arrested after stealing purse from 98-year-old woman

News from NZ Police
Two teenage boys were arrested yesterday soon after they had stolen a purse from a 98-year-old woman.

The woman had walked to her local supermarket in Morrinsville to buy Christmas mince pies. On her way home, she stopped to clear her mailbox.

Sergeant Mark Toomey of the Morrinsville Police said the incident happened about 11am.

“Two 16-year-old males began following her. When she got to her home by the corner of Lear and Anderson Streets, she tucked her purse under her arm and went to check her mail box. As she bent over, the offenders struck, grabbing her purse running down the road.”

A number of people saw the woman in distress and went to check what was wrong.

“When they found out what had happened that was it, one 48-year-old man pursued the offenders on his pushbike and apprehended one offender while others relayed descriptions and direction of travel a to responding Police via the 111 phone service.

“Arriving Police arrested the first male and located the second one a short time later.

“Though one offender made a full and frank confession the other is still being interviewed. We recovered the money taken from the lady’s but so far we have been unable to locate her purse.”

Both offenders are scheduled to appear in the Morrinsville Youth Court on theft charges on Friday.

Mr Toomey said Police were pleased but not really surprised by the Morrinsville public’s reaction to what happened.

“I think most people would be appalled at an attack on a 98-year-old woman and want to take action.

“In this case that action is exactly what we ask for, the quick and accurate passing of information to Police that allows us to take action, it just goes to show that by working together we can make our communities safer places to live by showing this type of behaviour won’t be tolerated.”