Protest against Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip

Press Release – AU Students for Justice in Palestine AUSJP
Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine (AUSJP) are calling for a protest this Saturday 24th of November at 2pm in Aotea Square to protest the ongoing Israeli aggression and air strikes on the Gaza Strip that have left 92 dead so far and over 750 people injured.One of the deadliest attacks over the last 6 days has killed 12 members from one single family.

Israeli forces continue to pound the Gaza Strip for the sixth consecutive day, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to expand and escalate the attacks. The Israeli army has deployed 75,000 troops on Gaza’s border ready for a ground invasion.

The 1.5 million people of Gaza are defensless against the brute force of the Israeli government, and the international community cannot stand by and let the massacre of 2008 happen again while we remain silent. The New Zealand government should be at the forefront of an international call for an end to the violent and illegal attacks from the Israeli state.

We urge all New Zealanders to join us. Our very own Roger Fowler of Kia Ora Gaza has only just managed to escape the onslaught and exited through the Rafah crossing last Thursday.

This protest is supported by the Unite Union, Socialist Aotearoa, Global Peace and Justice Auckland, Kia Ora Gaza, the Mana Movement and Palestine Human Rights Campaign.

The protest will gather at Aotea Square from 2 pm and march to the US Consulate in Customs Street, possibly making a few stops along the way. Bring along your Palestinian flags, t-shirts, banners and signs of solidarity as well as your friends and family.

Kia Kaha,
Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine
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Press Release – Global Peace And Justice Auckland – November 15
Global Peace and Justice Auckland is organising a march this Saturday (17th) to protest against Israel’s assassination of a Palestinian leader in the Gaza strip and the deadly rocket attacks in which many Palestinians have lost their lives.

The protest will gather at Aotea Square from 2pm and march to the US Consulate in Customs Street where a protest rally, including the throwing of old shoes will take place. (Throwing shoes is a traditional way of showing disgust at US/Israeli policies in the Middle East following the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at the then US President George Bush in a 2008 media conference)

These latest Israeli attacks continue the brutal victimisation of the Palestinian people of Gaza who are effectively locked in the largest open air prison in the world and treated like animals through an inhuman Israeli blockade.

Israeli justifications for the attacks are hollow. It is Israel’s racist policies and vicious mistreatment of Palestinians which are at the heart of this conflict. Israel policies alone pose the greatest threat to peace in the Middle East and in the world.

As well and blockading Palestinians in Gaza Israel maintain a military occupation of the West Bank while destroying Palestinian homes and farms to make way for Jewish-only settlements – all in defiance of international law and numerous UN resolutions.

Israel still tries to use the Holocaust as some sort of justification for their brutal treatment of the Palestinian people and in doing so the Palestinian people have become the second victims of the Holocaust.

GPJA applauds the Palestinian fighters who organise to resist the destruction of their right to self determination.

Saturday’s protest will focus on the US consulate because the US has supported Israel every step of the way in its brutality towards Palestinians.

John Minto
Mike Treen

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  1. Terro, 17. November 2012, 16:12

    Israel was provoked, and the heartless terrorists who fired the missiles, causing Israel to fight back, wear plain clothes amongst the civillians. It is not Israel who kills the innocent people, it are the crazy terrorists in Gaza who hide amongst them.

    P.s. I am against the innocent civillians being hurt but the terrorists in Gaza shouldn’t have provoked Israel, enough’s enough.

  2. Elaine Hampton, 19. November 2012, 0:11

    Israel is waging an illegal war against a people locked up in a huge concentration camp with no escape. The heartless terrorists are Israeli, bombing civilians and then complaining because a few poverty stricken missiles are sent back.
    They imprison children, steal Palestinian land and water, brutalize a whole people and say “they started it’ – “they want to push us into the sea”. ( I gather even that statement is an Israeli construct).
    Who is being pushed Terro? You are against innocent civilians being hurt, actually they are being killed.
    Who provoked whom, for shame, a murderous mind set,
    For shame – change or the only place left for you will be the sea

  3. Eardley Colombage, 21. November 2012, 6:46

    We are living in a strange world. From the letters that I read, it is clear that some people seem to think that it is considered a good act of patriotism for the terrorists to ruthlesly bombard the Jews. Just consider the huge number of bombs that have been fired at the Isrealis. And when the Isrealites prepare to counter they are criticised.

  4. Michael, 21. November 2012, 11:07

    The issue is not a few missiles hurled at Israel in defence but the disproportionate number of bombs, legal and ilegal launched at GAZA.

    I suggest you read Ilan Paape. (Jewish historian)

    Self defence is not something to sway an election with.

    At least open up the Gazan border and let civilians out

  5. Ellie, 21. November 2012, 11:16

    Eardley and Terro: It is International Children’s Day

    Stop killing children

    Have you looked at the child casualties on this site ?