Piha Pohutukawa – from Protect Piha Heritage

Press Release – Protect Piha

Media Statement 30 November –
for immediate release

Protect Piha Heritage
has welcomed the decision of the Waitakere Ranges Local
Board not to agree to the “hard trimming” of one of its
two remaining limbs of a pohutukawa at 58 Beach Valley Road,
Piha. Instead, a speed hump is to be installed, along with
two bollards, in place of the current fixed rail.

Auckland Transport had recommended cutting off one limb
of the tree that partly overhangs the footpath in the
interest of “public safety”, even though Piha-ites and
visitors have walked down Beach Valley Rd to the beach for
decades with few hassles.

For Protect Piha Heritage, Megan
Vertelle told the Board that all that was needed was a sign
to alert visitors of the leaning tree, and removing a short
section of wooden rail so that those who couldn’t
“duck” could skirt around the pohutukawa. “People walk
on the roads in Piha all the time,” said Ms Vertelle.
“It is a coastal village, not Queen St. Auckland Transport
needs to recognise that here in the Waitakere Ranges
Heritage Area they need to take a more environmental
approach – not ‘one-size fits all’. A Facebook page
set up for the tree had attracted 140 “likes” before the

This particular tree is part of a remnant coastal
pohutukawa forest which is rare on the West Coast and is a
distinctive feature of the arrival at Piha beach.
Piha Heritage has proposed that this pohutukawa, along with
the entire Beach Valley Road canopy, be protected through
scheduling by the Auckland

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