MP reports turf wars between prostitutes on South Auckland streets

Opinion by Asenati Lole-Taylor
Turf wars in Auckland provide further proof that the Government must change the law to give local authorities the power to ban street prostitution. The latest outbreak of hostilities between prostitutes on South Auckland streets reveals big flaws in the Prostitution Reform Act.

There was a gross oversight in the Act which assumed prostitution would not grow as an industry once it had been decriminalised.

But there can be no doubt that the industry is spreading and ruining neighbourhoods in other cities too.

I know of certain streets where families feel trapped by street soliciting and the myriad of unsavoury and threatening social issues it brings.

These unfortunate people will never be able to sell their homes at market value until laws that allow local bodies to ban street soliciting are introduced.

I even know of one shop that has had its front window smashed 11 times by prostitutes who trade directly outside. That is intimidating behaviour in anyone’s book.

New Zealand First will draft changes to ensure there is the necessary legal clout to deal with street soliciting.

Asenati Lole-Taylor is New Zealand First’s Social Policy spokesperson


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  1. supercity, 2. December 2012, 15:31

    Let me understand. FF are mainly concerned about house prices? (and this is with all the foreign buyers keeping the prices going up). Their law would get the competition off the street, and would support the Chows’ super brothel.