26-year-old woman fights off man who attacked her near Sunnyvale train station

A 26-year-old woman was viciously attacked at about 7.40pm last night in the West Auckland suburb of Sunnyvale.

She got off the western bound train at the Sunnyvale Train Station and took the walkway which leads toward Newham Place and Sunnyvale.

A man followed her from the station, having disembarked from the same train.

He then attacked here from behind, grabbing her clothing and punching her in the face in an attempt to get her onto the ground.

Detective Sergeant Litherland of the Waitakere CIB stated:
“The woman resisted the assault by kicking and punching the man and finally scratching his face. In a gutsy display of courage the victim was able to repel what was clearly a premeditated and sinister attack.”

The man ran back in the direction of the train station and the victim, who was left bruised and shaken, sought assistance from the Police.

The attacker was described as a Pacific Islander or possibly Indian aged in his late 20s or early 30s with short black hair. He had a skinny build and is likely to have scratch marks to his face. He was wearing a long sleeved grey sweat shirt and black full length pants and black shoes.

Police would like to hear from anyone who may have seen this man either on the west bound train which arrived at Sunnyvale at 7.37pm or may know of his identity. The man will have difficulty concealing the injuries to his face.

Police are asking for the public to either contact them directly on 09 8390627 or through Crime Stoppers on 0800555111.