New smart cards now being used on Auckland trains

News from Auckland Transport
In the next phase of one of the most significant transport technology projects in the history of Auckland, AT HOP for trains went live on Saturday.

One hundred and forty five AT HOP card readers, 60 Ticket &Top-up machines and 29 gates are now spread across Auckland’s rail network.

Auckland Transport Chief Operating Officer, Greg Edmonds say; “This is a project based on sophisticated technology which has been implemented in 40 cities around the world.

“AT HOP will be your one smart card for travel on public transport around Auckland. It is a convenient, re-useable smart card that stores value, either as money, or as a rail monthly pass. An AT HOP card operates via a simple tag on / tag off system when you board and disembark.

“Tag on at the start of every trip by placing your AT HOP card flat and still to the reader or electronic gate. A simple beep and green light will show that you have tagged on successfully.

“Don’t forget to tag off at the end of every trip to ensure you get the appropriate discounted fare. If you don’t tag off you will be charged the penalty fare for that trip the next time you tag on.

“To tag off place your AT HOP card flat and still to the reader. A single beep and green light will show that you have tagged off successfully. The fare charged will appear on the screen, as will your remaining HOP money balance or Monthly Pass expiry date.

”We also advise you to register your AT HOP card. Registering gives you many benefits such as the ability to better protect your card from unauthorised use should it be lost or stolen only after advising AT of the loss. It also protects the balance you have stored on your card and allows it to be transferred to a new card.

“AT HOP cards can be topped up at Ticket & Top-Up machines or Ticket Offices on the rail network. From 27 October you will also be able to top up your card online. AT HOP cards are currently available for half price at a limited time, special introductory offer of five dollars at Britomart, Newmarket, Papakura and New Lynn offices and from mobile sales representatives at stations. Information can be found at

Mr Edmonds says, “The next phase in the integrated ticketing project is AT HOP on ferries by the end of November with AT HOP rolling out on buses next year. For a few months NZ Bus users who also use trains will use both the HOP/Snapper card and an AT HOP card. The HOP/Snapper card will be phased out next year”.

The Mayor is describing the extension of the use of the AT HOP card to trains as another milestone towards the creation of a fully integrated transport system in Auckland.

“Having one card that Aucklanders can use across the transport system will be a huge bonus for Aucklanders,” says Len Brown “Many of us will have experienced the benefits of integrated ticketing in other international cities. This event brings that day one step closer in Auckland.

“I look forward to the time Aucklanders can use one card to take a bus, catch a ferry and then board one of our new trains through the City Rail Link to get from point A to point B quickly, comfortably and efficiently.”

Mr Edmonds says Auckland Transport thanks both the New Zealand Transport Agency and Auckland Council for their financial support towards Auckland’s Integrated Ticketing Project, which will be New Zealand’s first full multi-modal integrated ticketing system.



  1. Ray, 29. October 2012, 12:00

    An excellent system that makes getting around Auckland very easy. Well done AT.
    Maybe the the upcoming enhancements could be to integrate the HOP card with Domestic Air NZ flights so that users can not only commute intercity but commute nationally. Now wouldnt that be fantastic !!

  2. Technofreaky, 29. October 2012, 14:34

    Oh what an excellent way to increase the costs of public transport by using additional & unnecessary service costs.

  3. Thomas Dolby, 29. October 2012, 20:29

    How about we start getting less of what we don’t want (such as expensive flashy increases in basic service costs) since the idea of core service provision is over the head of those forcing us to buy all this crap technology.
    I’m not going to get any smarter using a smart card to pay (more) for a bus ride than someone who is using cash.