Cameron Slater to be editor of Truth

News from The Truth
New Zealand’s number 1 news and opinion blogger Cameron Slater has today been appointed Editor of the Truth. Truth is New Zealand’s last remaining Kiwi-owned national newspaper which this year turns 125 years old.

Auckland-based Slater has been brought on board to fundamentally change the way newspapers deliver to their audiences. Newspapers worldwide are in decline, due, Slater says, to a tired old business model that no longer works.

“We’re not going to spend $4 million on a paint job and then deliver the same tired old paid-for shit. Most of the media in this country is weak, and it’s paid for. The integrity in news went ages ago.”

Slater is adamant that the backbone of New Zealand – the people who work – are not getting a fair shake from government or the system. He aims to change that.

“Each and every one of us has got an investment in NZ Inc, and the majority of the people in charge of the place are taking the piss out of our investment. We’re going to keep the buggers honest. There’s no better disinfectant than sunlight.

“To use a tired phrase – if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, so Wellington, you’re on notice – if you’re having a lend, we’re coming for you!”

Changes will be rolled out over a period of months and will include both print and a 24 hour news website to support the paper. Slater aims to alter the approach to news presentation significantly.

“We took the pulse of the nation, and it had nearly bloody died.

“No bastard wants to read old news – they can get that online. We’ll be more of a views-paper that promises to deliver REAL news, REAL opinion.

“The people are numb from the eyes down with the diet of PR’d crap they get now. I will not do it to them anymore – it’s not right.

“I assure you – the little paper that could still can!”

There will be further announcements regarding contributors and editorial direction.

Slater’s first issue will hit newsstands on Thursday 8 November 2012.


1 comment:

  1. J, 31. October 2012, 17:59

    Put Slater in charge of a slimy paper and we’ll get … even more slime from the slater.

    I suggest anyone choosing to read it wears gloves and if you’re a woman, who believes in equality with men, and more especially one who seeks to rise in the employment ranks to be a CEO, or even a left leaning Prime Minister, don’t expect fairness within the pages of the ‘truth’ Certainly expect misogynist rant.

    The worst part of this is that the left doesn’t have its own paper, a paper that will print the real truth about what the likes of Slater and Slippery Key are doing to New Zealand.

    Unfortunately for the Left, the Slater and Slippery line is all the public will see because the Left hasn’t got it yet. Print in yer face works. If someone like Gordon Campbell and sites like Pundit and Auckland Transport Blog put their thoughts in ink, rather than the ether, more people might get the reality of the unequal situation that John (we would love to see wages drop) Key is causing in New Zealand. [Abridged]