After overnight thefts from 26 parked cars, Rodney police arrest two men

News from NZ Police
Rodney Police last night arrested two men after a spate of thefts from 26 cars overnight in the Red Beach and Whangaparoa areas. Most of the vehicles were parked on suburban streets or up driveways and various items were stolen.

The two men, neither of whom were locals, will appear at North Shore District Court today charged with a number of offences.

“This is another reminder to the public, as we head into the summer months, of the need to secure their parked vehicles and remove valuable property from them,” Senior Sergeant Andy King of the Orewa Police says.


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  1. ian, 28. September 2012, 20:44

    OHHH why did they not have a go at my car…..
    We would have loved to deal with these two before the police arrived..