Auckland’s latest Lotto millionaire wants to go to Scotland

Press Release – New Zealand Lotteries Commission
A couple of whiskies were badly needed by Lotto’s latest millionaire – a local Auckland man called Stan.

“I had no idea that I had won a big prize until I went to check my ticket today,” says Stan.

“I even began handing over some cash for next week’s Lotto purchase, when the person behind the counter laughed and told me I won’t be needing to give him that.”

“I was feeling overwhelmed at the news I had won a million, so he was kind enough to offer me a glass of water – but when I got home, I sucked back a few nips of whiskey,” laughs Stan.

His winning ticket was sold, and claimed, at Inkworks in Auckland. It is the second million to be claimed in Lotto’s big birthday promotion, with a Christchurch million claimant still outstanding.

Stan, who is retired, plans on having a good think about what he wants to spend his prize money on.

“I’ve always wanted to travel to Scotland, as my ancestors are from there. The only other time I have ever been overseas was in the 1970s to Fiji!”

“I think I also may even consider moving houses as well,” says Stan.

“I’m quite content with my life at the moment, so this is just a fantastic bonus.

Although I may upgrade my whiskey to something a bit more top shelf!”

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