Councillor critical of big spending demands by officials

Press Release – Dick Quax
Demands by Auckland Council officials that water distributor Watercare Services Ltd completely revise its corporate branding at a cost in excess of $2 million were slammed today by Councillor Dick Quax.

“Council officials want Watercare as a Council Controlled Organisation to completely revamp its branding to fit with that of Auckland Council estimated to cost between $2million and $3 million.

“This is outrageous and another example of Council having no regard for the cost burdens borne by end users in trying to make ends meet in these recessionary times.

“I understand that the Watercare Board of Directors is strongly opposed to such a move after approving a far less costly plan to place the Council’s Pohutukawa logo on signage and its letterhead as a symbol of council ownership under a gradual programme in line with maintenance schedules.

“There is no appetite within our community for needless big spending which ultimately transfers into higher charges to users of council services – in this case water and wastewater distribution.

“Over quarter of a million Aucklanders have received rates increases of over eight per cent and with ever increasing rates being demanded surely Council should listen to what our community is saying on needless spending.

“I hope that other Councillors will join me in making clear to our executive that it is time to put an end to such nonsense.”

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