Auckland student protest group announces rally

Press Release – Blockade The budget
Auckland students are preparing to take to the streets again, this time for an education ‘show & tell’ on Saturday 21st of July.

This protest is the latest in series of organized student protests against the National Government’s recent budget and market-based education policy.

The group of students behind the protests, Blockade the Budget explain this event will encompass not only tertiary students but all those affected by budget cuts to the education sector. Blockade the Budget say “We are bringing together a number of community groups, unions and educators. All parties are invited to stand together in our struggle for the future of education in our country.”

Blockade the Budget continues “This will be a large, festive demonstration. We want to creatively show our discontent and tell the truth about attacks on education, through a combination of a traditional protest march and family friendly street theatre.”

Among the issues that the group will be protesting against are $400 Million in cuts to early childhood education, the damaging National Standards program, performance-based pay for teachers, charter schools, $13 Billion worth of Student Debt, cuts to the student allowance scheme and arts funding, 15% of tertiary students living in absolute financial distress, and New Zealand having the 7th highest tertiary fees in the world.

Anyone interested in joining the rally against education cuts are encouraged to meet at 1pm on Saturday 21st July at Britomart, Auckland CBD.

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