North Shore plan change threatens valued heritage buildings, says local board member

Press Release – Grant Gillon
“Local residents are in shock at the latest proposals from Auckland Council again threatening local heritage,” said Kaipatiki Local Board member Grant Gillon today.

“I am fielding many calls from concerned and furious residents that have noticed many valued heritage buildings deleted from the latest plan change”.

“Plan Change 38, appendix 11a, which was advertised yesterday, shows an amended schedule of historic places in the North Shore Plan.

The proposed deletion of buildings from the historic list shows dozens in Birkenhead, Northcote and Devonport heritage areas. Some items been downgraded from Category A making destruction or removal non-complying activities to Category B and therefore destruction or removal of the buildings (or items) discretionary activities.

“Residents are not convinced that the Built Heritage zoning policy ‘provides sufficient protection’ which is the reason given”, says Grant Gillon.

“Among those removed from the heritage list (or been downgraded) are a host of houses in Northcote, Birkenhead, and Devonport as well as the Beachhaven Wharf, heritage shops in Queen St, Northcote, along with the Devonport Museum, and many of the commercial buildings in Victoria Road Devonport”.

However, some additions are worthy such as the Former Gables Hospital at 32 Hinemoa Street Birkenhead, commercial buildings in Highbury, and the St John the Baptist Anglican Church, house and Vicarages in Church Street Northcote.

Also, I am delighted with the recommendations to include Takapuna Fire Station (entire exterior of 1952, 1959 fire stations and 1972 fire training building at 41 Killarney Street as a Category: B listing.

This proposal places all of our beloved heritage at great risk and I urge all residents to submit. Submissions close date: 23 August 2012. More information can be found below.

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