Auckland city radio station to host performance about hot yoga guru

Karangahape Rd’s K Fm radio station will host a one man show paying tribute to Indian yoga guru Bikram Choudhury on May 11.

Press Release – Leigh Fitzjames
Synopsis: A one night stand with Bikram Choudhury has melted a hot yoga junkie in to a dizzy sweat for the millionaire franchise owner. This is ‘yoga’ – union of the body, soul and mind in an expository, never before told form.

Start Time: 8pm – 9 pm

Street Address: Te Karanga K FM, 208 Karangahape Road, Auckland

Cost: $10

Prior to departing for drama school in New York, writer and performer Leigh Fitzjames has compiled a one man show which will include spoken word and song in homage to Bikram Choudhury, founder of the hot yoga sensation.

‘Love and Light’ centers around a woman who has fallen in love with the notorious yoga guru Bikram, who has collected fame for claiming ownership over a flow of 26 yoga poses taken from the ancient hatha style of teaching.

While the audience will not be put in to to a 40 degree room, the hottest temperature in a Bikram studio, Leigh guarantees that there will be sweat and lots of bending in a simulated yoga rave.

The story will follow how a woman endures a self inflicted ‘30 day challenge’ – another concept taken from the Bikram franchise – to find peace and explore her spiritual connection to yoga and her chosen prophet. Locked in her apartment, with no external stimulus but for the nagging of a thickly accented house maid and a computer to write emails to her distant lover, this is ‘yoga’ – union of the body, soul and mind in an expository, never before told form.

Featuring music by John McNab (The Tutts, Freaky Meat) and a special appearance by Balamohan Shingade.

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