Employers illegally fire staff using excuse of harsh economic times – Auckland firm

Press Release – Employment Law Experts
Employers are being warned not to use the economic downturn as a cover to illegally dismiss staff.

Employment Law Experts, a leading Auckland employment relations firm, today announced its research findings that an increasing number of employees are being dismissed or disadvantaged under the guise of harsh economic conditions, when that is not the real reason for their treatment.

Employment Law Experts has found increasing numbers of disturbing cases:

• Employees accused of incompetence if they query long and unpaid overtime hours.
• Redundancy processes being used to hide the illegal dismissal of employees for other reasons.
• Employees with excellent work records, suddenly being deemed to have a serious performance problem after the appointment of a new manager.
• Harassment type micromanagement being used to ‘encourage’ employees to resign.

Employment Law Experts says that the message is clear: employers need to treat employees with respect and fairness. Getting employment law wrong can prove costly for the employer and devastating for the employee.
Employment Law Experts

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