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  1. KJ, 29. April 2012, 2:57

    There were over 10,000 at the march.

  2. traveller, 29. April 2012, 8:47

    The Herald estimates 3000. Auckland Now estimates “several thousand.” Radio NZ takes a cautious approach and describes “thousands of people.”

  3. K.H., 29. April 2012, 12:58

    Aotearoa – These small, vulnerable fragile islands in a once pristine environment, now being fracked and mined, drilled and exploited, and sold off as fast as pollies can secure their profits.

    What part of “NO” don’t they get? What kind of arrogance allows those in power to act in direct opposition to the people’s wishes? The small amount of land that we have is no mere “asset” – it is who we are as a nation, it is all that we have. Selling our land to foreign interests is akin to selling body-parts of people.

    Ordinary Kiwis must act now to defend what remains and to reclaim what’s been lost.

  4. Jacquelyne Taylor, 30. April 2012, 13:15

    I am the protestor you quoted.Thankyou for that..
    ‘One protester says ‘this is history in the making … this is beyond racism, beyond political colours .. this is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.’…but you accidentally missed off the final words I said..
    ‘here in NZ’..(smiles) because the most important point I was making ..was this was a UNIFIED cry by every political, socio-economic group and organisation and a call by every age, gender
    ethnicity and culture with a COLLECTIVE voice to hear the NO MANDATE message..
    We also numbered way way more than 2000 but that as I pointed out in a poem at Aotea Sq…

    “So when our media tell you
    That we were very FEW
    And we had no clear message
    HERE’S what to say and DO!
    Tell them you’ve signed up with group (AINFS)
    Because you know these lies
    Are there just like selective polls
    To ‘filter out the wise’
    (Jax) (c) April 28th 2012

    was ALWAYS going to be cynically mis-represented too..(smiles again)..even sadly by those who are sympathetic or think they are unbiased.

  5. deano, 30. April 2012, 17:15

    I went along and methodically counted people marching on Queen St (not counting any people on the footpath) as it nearly got to Aotea Square – I gave up at 15,000 people. All media and police underestimated and under-reported how many people marched.

  6. Jenny, 30. April 2012, 21:28

    “Big police presence as 2000 March through Queen Street…..”
    Any photos of this big police presence?
    Could it be there was “a big police presence”, but it was swamped by the huge numbers of the march?
    The two statements just cannot logically be reconciled. A large police presence and only 2000 protesters??? Having attended the march I only saw two policemen. Were the rest hiding around the corner? Were there many more, there but unnoticed by me due to the huge size of the crowd?
    How many police is a “Big Police Presence”?
    200? At that level of policing, it would have meant one policeman for every 10 protesters, that is if there were only 2000 protesters.
    Look at the photos, obviously a laughable claim.

  7. Anna Sutherland, 1. May 2012, 10:31

    I was there on Saturday. There were definitely more than 2,000 people there. I would say between 5,000 and 10,000. It’s pretty hard to get a good estimate, but 2,000 is way too low.

  8. Edward, 1. May 2012, 16:23

    Typical of the media to underestimate the power of the collective.

  9. Gosman, 1. May 2012, 16:31

    Interesting that some people with a vested interest in boosting the numbers expect their estimates to be taken at face value as opposed to the media and the police. If we splt the difference between the two we still get quite a bit less than 10,000 people which was the target. This means the march wasn’t as successful as planned.