We want our port open and operational, says Len Brown; he’ll work with both sides

Press Release – Office of the Mayor
The Mayor has welcomed the chance to end the dispute at the Ports of Auckland. “Aucklanders simply want their port open and fully operational again,” says Len Brown. “I have been in contact with both sides and have encouraged them to come to an agreement. I am determined that this issue gets sorted.

“A fully operational port is essential to the economy of Auckland and to the economy of New Zealand as a whole.

“We need a sustainable solution that delivers an efficient port and a good return to the people of Auckland.

“This is a position I have held consistently since the start of the dispute.

“Over the next few days I will be working with both sides to ensure our expectation that negotiations continue in good faith is honoured.

“I intend to bring both sides together with the aim of progressing the talks and getting the port back up and running at full capacity.”

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party
The Ports of Auckland decision to lift its lockout notice and an agreement to move to facilitated bargaining will come as a welcome relief to everyone affected by the dispute, says Labour’s spokesperson for labour issues Darien Fenton. “This also means that the workers can now return to work and we can get Auckland’s Port moving again.

“We support the parties finding an enduring solution where there can be an efficient service provided to Auckland businesses without destroying decent work through the low road of casualisation and contracting out,” said Darien Fenton.

Press Release – Green Party
The lifting of the lockout notice by the Ports of Auckland management is a good step forward in resolving the Ports of Auckland crisis, Green Party industrial relations spokesperson Denise Roche said today.

“Ports of Auckland management need to realise that their earlier inflexible stance was destroying the productivity of Auckland’s port,” said Ms Roche. “We encourage the Ports of Auckland management to bargain in good faith with the Maritime Union.

“While today’s move is a welcome step there needs to be a review of how the Ports of Auckland management have handled this dispute so far. “Auckland ratepayers deserve decent management at our port. After all it is our economic gateway.”

Press Release – First Union
Auckland citizens, workers and businesses will welcome news that their Port will be up and running again soon, following Port management’s dropping of their plan to casualise its workforce, FIRST Union said today.

FIRST Union represents workers in affected industries like retail, transport and logistics, and General Secretary Robert Reid said workers and businesses in these industries will welcome news the Ports will be at full capacity before long. This dispute was already impacting on workers as incoming freight dried up and was diverted to other Ports.”

“The blame for this lies squarely with the stubbornness of Ports of Auckland management and governance in their attempts to dismiss then casualise their workforce, not workers defending basic protections and secure work.”

Robert Reid said that despite the good news for Ports workers today, 1,000 meat workers are in their fifth week of being locked out, and workers needed to both offer their support to the meat workers, and remain on guard against an increased employer appetite for hard-nosed employment practises.