Hunua brewery seeks 500 tasters for its new pale ale

Press Release – Boundary Road Brewery
Indian Pale Ale lovers wanted – no cowboys please.
The Boundary Road Brewery is at it again and looking to round up a group of beer intellectuals for a taste experience to determine the next brew to be released by the Hunua-based brewery.

Applications are now open for New Zealanders to become a Boundary Road Brewery IPA Taster. Serious beer lovers can apply at where they will need to pass the brewery’s Advanced IPA Aptitude Test (AIPAAT). The 500 most successful in the test will be sent a tasting pack of two specially crafted IPA variants (IPA and IPB) to pass judgement on their favourite.

The most popular IPA, as voted by the 500 kiwi beer enthusiasts, will be released for sale in May 2012.

Boundary Road Brewery marketing manager, Ben Shaw says this is an exciting opportunity for those who enjoy the popular IPA style of beer and want to make their mark.

“Internationally IPA is a hugely popular style of craft beer and this is the perfect chance for our 500 tasters to select their favourite, on behalf of all beer lovers in the country. As with ‘The Chosen One’, we think it’s important to give the decision to the people who will actually be enjoying our new IPA. Which one will they choose: IPA or IPB?” he says.

IPA aficionados need to get in quick as applications close on Friday 23rd of March 2012. Applicants must be 18 years or over and be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of beer.

Check out for updates throughout the campaign.

About The Boundary Road Brewery
The Boundary Road Brewery is nestled in the foothills of the Hunua ranges south of Auckland, New Zealand.

The Boundary Road Brewery produces NZ Pure and Boundary Road Brewery Craft range as well as brews under license international brands such as Carlsberg, Tuborg and Kingfisher.

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