Hamilton constables follow their noses, arrest man for growing cannabis

News from Waikato Police
Police officers usually rely on the abilities of their canine colleagues to sniff out offending – but not this morning, when two Hamilton constables showed a keen nose for trouble.

Their discovery was all the more significant in that it came towards the end of a busy nightshift when any normal person’s attention levels would be reduced.

“About 5.45am today we got a call from a patrol close to the end of their shift that they were carrying out a search of an Avalon Drive property under the Misuse of Drugs Act and had found cannabis plants inside a room in a house,” said Shift Manager, Senior Sergeant Gill Meadows.

“It turned out they had been driving along the road when they smelt a strong aroma they believed was cannabis wafting through their patrol car’s air conditioning system.”

Ms Meadows said the pair parked their patrol car around the corner and ‘followed their nose’ to the source of the smell.

“They identified the address where they thought the smell was coming from and knocked on the door. When the door was opened they had little doubt, given the strong smell that they were at the right place.

“The 57-year-old male occupant of the house was pretty philosophical about it all when the officers discovered an indoor growing operation with over 215 cannabis plants and seedlings as well as quantities of leaf material and growing and ventilation equipment.”

Police believe the man may have been flushing his ventilation system when the patrol car drove past, believing no-one would have been up to notice the distinctive strong aroma of the plants.

“While he may have thought it was a bit on the nose the man was arrested for possession of cannabis and further, more serious, charges are likely.

“It just goes to show the value of preventative patrols, offenders can expect to encounter our staff anywhere and at anytime,” said Ms Meadows.