Starting Monday: traffic delays and fewer lanes at Panmure roundabout

Press Release – Auckland Transport
Drivers are warned to expect delays at the Panmure roundabout and on part of Ellerslie-Panmure Highway from Monday.

Speeds will be restricted to 30km and lanes reduced from three to two on the section of Ellerslie-Panmure Highway between the roundabout and Mt Wellington Highway until the end of the year.

The traffic changes are necessary to allow construction of a new bridge at Panmure Station next to the existing Ellerslie-Panmure Highway bridge. Drivers are asked to be patient and consider alternative routes at peak times.

Part of the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) project in Panmure, the bridge will be constructed for a future Busway. However traffic is expected to be moved on to it early next year while the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway bridge is replaced.

The new bridges will be higher and longer to allow for a new road underneath that will cut 10 minutes off the journey between Glen Innes and Mt Wellington when it opens in 2014. The $180 million AMETI Panmure project is one of Auckland’s biggest transport projects, aimed at dealing with congestion and poor transport choices in the southeast.

There will also be night time closures of lanes most nights until 9 March, diversions will be in place.

Auckland Transport Major Projects Manager Rick Walden says although there will be inconvenience and some delays for drivers now, the project will provide real benefits when complete.

“When this first major section of AMETI Panmure is complete driving between Glen Innes and Mt Wellington will be much quicker and traffic volumes reduced through Panmure.

“Delays are likely to be at their worst early next week when these changes are first introduced, then we expect things to settle down as drivers get used to the new layout.”

Night time lane closures of Ellerslie-Panmure Highway (Panmure roundabout to Mt Wellington Highway).
• Westbound lanes closed 8pm – 6am each night this week to Friday 2 March
• Eastbound and westbound lanes closed from 10pm to 6am Sunday 4 March and Monday 5 March
• Eastbound lanes closed from 8pm to 6am each night from Tuesday 6 March to Friday 9 March.

AMETI Panmure construction plans
Due for completion in 2014, this is Auckland Transport’s largest construction project and includes:
• A new bridge built on Ellerslie Panmure Highway for a future busway and the existing bridge replaced. The process for managing traffic while the bridges are built will follow the successful model followed at Newmarket Viaduct, with traffic moved to new bridges as they are built. The bridges will be higher and longer to allow for rail electrification, a new road and a possible future third rail line to pass underneath.
• A 1.5km new road linking Morrin Rd to Mt Wellington Highway and a 220m tunnel for the new road built next to the rail line at Panmure Station. This will be created by building a box with a new road on top for buses and taxis to stop at the station.
• A major upgrade of Panmure Station to create an interchange that allows easy transfers between trains and buses
• Replacing the Mountain Rd bridge and realigning the road.

Completing this phase of construction will reduce traffic so work can begin on a new intersection to replace Panmure roundabout and an urban Busway from Panmure Station to Pakuranga and Botany. The AMETI Busway is expected to have 5.5 million passengers a year, compared to the current 2.2 million using the Northern Busway.

About the AMETI transport projects
The Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) is a group of transport projects for the southeast (Panmure, Mt Wellington, Pakuranga, Howick and Botany). The aim is to give people living in the area transport choices by improving public transport, walking and cycling facilities and reducing traffic congestion. Other major aims are to unlock the economic potential of the area, improve transport for freight and business traffic and to promote good urban design.

The AMETI area has some of the highest traffic flows, highest proportions of freight traffic and greatest levels of congestion, anywhere in the country. At the same time it has some of the worst conditions for walking and cycling and bus services caught in the congestion with resulting long and unreliable travel times, resulting in some of the lowest proportions of public transport, walking and cycling use in Auckland.

The two bridges across the Tamaki River carry more than 120,000 vehicles a day, more than State Highway One through Victoria Park. They also have more freight traffic than any other corridor in the country.

Future AMETI projects include an urban Busway from Panmure Station to Pakuranga and Botany, a second Panmure Bridge for the Busway, replacing Panmure roundabout with an intersection and a flyover on Reeves Rd to reduce congestion through Pakuranga.
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  1. Pat Cosford, 1. March 2012, 20:11

    While all this is going on, when is someone going to realise all the detour signs are sitting on the footpaths creating a danger to anyone using a mobility scooter. This applies to the footpath outside the lawyers office and the path in front of the car yard.
    An absolute no brainer.