Normal shipping movements continue at Port of Tauranga – with extreme caution

News from Port of Tauranga
Since the aft section of the Rena sank on the reef this morning, we have not yet heard back from the Harbourmaster on the recommended shipping route to the port.

Normal shipping movements are continuing. Ships arriving and departing the port should exercise extreme caution and maintain a vigilant lookout.

The salvors have significant marine resources on station to attend to any further lost containers. Current predictive modelling is suggesting any lost containers will drift in a southeasterly direction, away from the Astrolabe Reef.

UPDATE at 4.15pm
The Harbourmaster has issued a recommended route for vessels approaching and leaving the Port of Tauranga: This route is a line drawn between the Tauranga Pilot Station (37 34.9 S 176 12.5 E) and a position five nautical miles due east of Mayor Island light (37 18.6 S 176 21.9 E). An aerial observation of this route was made earlier this afternoon and currently the floating containers and debris field are generally moving in a south-easterly direction away from Astrolabe Reef and the port.

It is recommended that vessels arriving or departing the Port of Tauranga follow this route at a safe speed, keep a proper lookout and exercise caution. Normal shipping movements are continuing. We will advise you directly if the situation changes.