GrabOne offers instant deals for Aucklanders

Press Release – GrabOne
GrabOne Instant hits the streets tomorrow giving Kiwis the opportunity to pick up incredible instant local deals for businesses in their immediate vicinity.

Launching in Auckland on 1 February, and in Wellington on 8 February, Instant customers simply open the GrabOne app on their smartphone or enter their location online to view Food & Beverage and Entertainment deals for nearby businesses.

In addition to providing customers with instantaneous location-based deals, GrabOne Instant enables merchants to upload deals themselves via Android tablets (provided to merchants running Instant deals), should they have capacity for more customers. Merchants decide on the deal, limit the volume available, manage whether the offer is a once-off or a regular occurrence and define the time frame for the deal.

Instant has been designed to complement regular daily GrabOne deals by connecting customers with their local businesses (and vice versa) and allowing easy deal customisation to merchants during off peak business times or slow days.

GrabOne Instant allows Grabbies to explore new real-time deals which are close to where they live, work or play” says GrabOne Marketing Director, Campbell Brown. “There are many businesses, particularly eateries, that could pack in a few extra customers over the lunch period. For example, Instant allows merchants to attract customers who are in the neighbourhood looking for dining inspiration and gives our customers great deals wherever they are.

“Instant will help merchants stay busy, reach new customers, and move additional inventory. And of course the customer wins by picking up a great deal they only pay for if the voucher is redeemed.”

GrabOne is the only daily deal site offering instant deals on all web enabled mobile phones and supporting merchants with a Tablet redemption system. The tablet redemption system will be expanded across New Zealand over 2012 and allows Grabbies to seamlessly redeem a normal GrabOne deal or an Instant deal simply by scanning either their mobile or paper coupon.

GrabOne is currently on the hunt for 150 “Instant Insiders” who will each receive $150 GrabOne credit to spend on Instant and a ‘Lunch on Us’ offer with $5 credited to all Auckland Grabbie’s GrabOne accounts. Lunch on Us will be rolled out in Wellington on 8 February.

Last month GrabOne announced record sales via mobile purchasing and announced a target of reaching 25 per cent of all sales through mobile by September 2012.

GrabOne is New Zealand’s leading daily deal site with a market share of 65 per cent. For further information on GrabOne Instant visit

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