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  1. jesse, 20. January 2012, 15:42

    Its a sad day to see New Zealand bend over for the sickening obviously trumped up charges farted out by the US so called justice system, a system that is willing to suspend all rights and bend over for the whims of big business.

    I wonder if the losses claimed are estimated using the same formula they used to claim that a mother who downloaded 25 songs should be sued for 1.5 million in damages a few years ago.

  2. Phil C, 21. January 2012, 2:43

    The IP lobby is indeed a sinister force with lengthy tentacles.

    I have not seen comprehensive research that actually substantiates these alleged “losses”. The figures given assume that (i) the upload/dowload stats are accurate and (ii) those who downloaded the content would have purchased it if a download had not been available.

    The MPAA and its ilk are desperately trying to preseve an antiquated business model that allowed them extraordinary profits. Content owners have not had an incentive to embrace new methods of distributing content and at a price people will pay. No matter how much the IP stormtroopers clog the courts, prosecute teenagers, cut off Internet access and twist the arms of government, they will ultimately lose this battle as they cannot control technological developments. Speak to many teens now and they are very familiar with proxies and other methods of hiding your on-line presence. As always, the IP crowd are years behind the times and creating a situation where we will all pay more for less reliable Internet access (as packets are inspected and ISPs spend billions on compliance staff), vast chunks of the web disappears on the say-so of an IP owner and ultimately the world becomes a less creative and more fearful place. What else should we expect from those corporate beasts that commercialise and commodify creativity?

    I’m just waiting for backbone carriers to join with Google, Wiki etc and give two fingers to those who expect them to monitor content.

  3. lyingcheat, 22. January 2012, 12:06

    Dutch and German citizens arrested in NZ on the strength of what look like inflated and largely unsupportable allegations by Americans?
    Whether or not the charges stand, the business these guys ran has been damaged.

    Since when did crackpot American interpretations of ‘intellectual property’ and rabidly self favouring interpretations of ‘copyright’ apply in NZ?

    The NZ authorities shold have told the USA to go **** themselves.

    SOPA – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act
    PIPA – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PROTECT_IP_Act


  4. Rolf, 29. January 2012, 8:59

    A sad and dark day for New Zealand.
    David Lange would be spinning in his grave


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