Car crashes in Parnell after speeding away from burglary in Remuera

In the most convoluted press release of the week, the police describe what followed a burglary this morning in Remuera – a chase in which a Holden drove too fast to be pursued.

News from NZ Police
At about 9 am this morning, a burglary occurred in Remuera. A light blue Holden motor vehicle was seen by witnesses leaving from the scene of the burglary.

A short time later this vehicle was seen at Wash World on St Lukes Road but when Police approached it drove away at speed. The Police unit was unable to maintain observations on it and the vehicle was lost.

The same vehicle was seen by another Police unit on Symonds Street where it was seen to drive onto Anzac Avenue before observations on it were again lost.

A Police unit then pursued the fleeing driver on Beach Road but this pursuit was abandoned at the bottom of Parnell Rise due to the speed of the vehicle.

The Holden then drove up Parnell Rise and towards Broadway when it crossed the centre line on to the wrong side of the road and crashed into a stationary Police vehicle.

There were no injuries.

A male aged 34 years has been arrested and charged with burglary and dangerous driving amongst other charges.

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