Police officers attacked during domestic dispute; brother and sister arrested

News from NZ Police
Two Huntly police officers were attacked when they were called to a domestic dispute at a rural address this morning.

Western Waikato Area Commander, Inspector Paul Carpenter, said the two officers went to a Glen Afton address about 1.30am.

“On arriving, the male and female officers were set upon by the four occupants of the house with the female officer receiving a lump to her head from a blow and losing clumps of her hair pulled out of her scalp by a female attacker.

“The matter, which appears to have been alcohol related, was only resolved when both attackers were pepper sprayed and the male offender painted with a taser.

Mr Carpenter said two people, male and female siblings, were arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station.

They will appear in the Hamilton District Court today charged with assaulting Police, resisting arrest, obstruction and threatening to kill.

“This type of assault is very concerning when you consider our staff attend these types of jobs after receiving a call for help from either a victim or relatives and for them to be attacked when they arrive is simply not acceptable.

“I have been in contact with them today and they are both recovering well. Their ability to resolve the situation speaks volumes not only of the quality of the two staff involved, the value of their training and the benefit of having a wide range of tactical options to manage situations.”

Mr Carpenter said with people living on top of one another over the holiday period, particularly during periods of inclement weather, it was natural for tensions to build and he urged people to take time out or seek help before things got out of hand.

“There are a large number of organisations people can seek help from and if you fear for your safety contact Police. What we don’t want to see is situations deteriorating to the degree of this morning’s situation where not only do loved ones attack one another but target our staff as well, because it will not be tolerated.”