Police seize 82 cannabis plants in Hamilton – 15 in a garage, 67 in a gully

News from NZ Police
The prevention of drug related crime is considered the biggest benefit to both Police and the community following the recovery of over 80 cannabis plants in Hamilton today.

City Tactical Coordinator, Senior Sergeant Freda Grace, said members of the Hamilton Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) made the discovery during a search of a property on the City’s northern outskirts.

“CPU officers went to a semi-rural address on Meadow View Lane about 9.20am where they discovered 15 cannabis plants growing under lights in a garage on the property and another 67 plants growing in a gully behind the house.

“As a result of these discoveries two men, aged 47 and 48, and a 46-year-old female were arrested and will face drugs related charges in the Hamilton District Court today.”

Ms Grace said the find highlighted what the CPU and its role was all about.

“As part of the national Policing Excellence policy, Police are moving away from reactive policing to a preventative model looking at preventing the harm from offending before it happens. These plants have an estimated street value of over $80,000 but the amount of potential harm the drugs could cause is far greater than that.”

As an example Ms grace pointed out that between November 2009 and the end of September this year 29 drivers were found driving under the influence of drugs in the Waikato and drugs are believed to have been a factor in the deaths of one motorist and one pedestrian this year.

“When you consider that the potential harm to the community is well above the estimated street value of the cannabis plants we’re very pleased to have been able to remove these plants from circulation. Offenders can expect to see a greater Police presence out in the community as Police increase the emphasis on disruption and prevention techniques against criminal activity.”



  1. Blair Anderson, 16. November 2011, 16:26

    Cop-a-ganda, Pot-a-ganda. Police distort ‘for self interest’ the harms data they themselves commissioned. (BERL REPORT) While pretending to deal in facts and evidence, Police continue to bring themselves into disrepute by failing to see there is something wrong. They don’t have to lie to justify their actions, they only need to just stop and think “where’s the evidence’? Police paid economists to include the considerable costs in enforcing law as a cost/harm that occurs ‘because of cannabis’ then claim they have reduced cost and harm by actually incurring these costs and harms. This is money-go-round tautology. Because we spent money trying to clean up what wasnt a problem its a problem because we spent money on it.

    Deceptive, you bet.
    Self interest, without doubt,
    Political, unquestionably.

    NZ top cops Harry Quin and Commissioner Holyoake told the National lead Health Select Committee (but only after being asked to tell the truth after Police earlier, under administrative oath, insisted that cannabis created crime) they had no objection to decriminalisation.

    Reconcile that Ms Grace! Cannabis is not criminogenic, whereas Prohibition is. [Justice McCart]

  2. Baza, 19. November 2012, 22:08

    Freda, you cause more harm by abusing, hunting and caging innocent people for growing a plant. Did a cannabis plant attack you?
    I’ve never been arrested in my life, but if you arrested me for a plant I would never forgive you. [Abridged.]