Sue Bradford asks: why won’t Paula Bennett take part in Waitakere debates?

Press Release – Mana Party
Mana’s Waitakere candidate Sue Bradford says Paula Bennett appears to be running away from public debates with her.

“I know of several organisations who have tried to organise public debates between the local candidates, including Paula Bennett, but she keeps backing out of them.

“Waitakere residents want to hear what Paula has to say, particularly on issues like welfare where she is pushing a very controversial agenda.

Ms Bradford says the TV7 programme ‘Back Benches’ wanted to do a special programme with Labour candidate Carmel Sepuloni, herself and Paula Bennett last week. “However, it had to be cancelled because Bennett would not front,” she says

Then last week the Minister of Social Development – and local member for Waitakere – pulled out of an NZEI West Auckland Election Forum due to be held this Wednesday 1 November, despite having told organisers that she would certainly attend. As soon as advertisements for the meeting appeared in local paper the Western Leader, Ms Bennett pulled out. ‘Nor have I seen Paula Bennett on the platform at other West Auckland candidate meetings – so far,’ says Ms Bradford. “The people of Waitakere deserve better. Paula will be implementing a big chunk of National’s War on the Poor if National returns to power.

“If she is reelected as MP for Waitakere, the rest of the country are going to hold local voters here responsible for her actions. It’s just not fair to them that she refuses to front in these circumstances.’

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  1. Fat Bob, 31. October 2011, 12:40

    Perhaps it is because she can’t see the point in validating you. If she turns up at a debate that you are taking part in, it gives the impression that you actually are her equal in political terms, when you are actually just another protestor in a protest-movement (announced MANA party candidates are from a protest background, Hone – check, Annette Skyes – check, John Minto – check, Sue Bradford – check).