11,000 rugby fans took buses to North Harbour game

Press Release – Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development
Transport to and from the South Africa v Samoa match at North Harbour Stadium ran well this this evening with many fans travelling from the South to the North Shore using buses.

A capacity crowd of 29,754 attended the match with 11,180 of those travelling to the game by special event bus and 10,960 from the game.

Roads around the venue were re-opened within 50-55 minutes.
Special event buses taking fans from the game were cleared within 45-50 mins, with the exception of the CBD buses which were cleared in 60 mins.

• Queen’s Wharf:
• Queens Wharf was moderately busy during the evening
• Around 6500 peak crowd at Queens Wharf to watch the match
• No need to open Captain Cook Wharf
• Good crowd mood reported throughout the night at both Queens Wharf and North Harbour Stadium

Police report:
• Crowd well behaved at the game, no evictions or arrests made
• One eviction from Queens Wharf

Fire report:
• No incidents reported re RWC

St John report:
• Thirteen people attended to at the Stadium
• One transported to hospital
• Four people attended to at Queens Wharf

Match report
Springboks 13, Samoa 5