Auckland Mayor should give a flag challenge to Manly Mayor, says councillor

Press Release – Cameron Brewer
Auckland Councillor Cameron Brewer says Auckland Mayor Len Brown should put out the challenge to Manly Mayor Jean Hay to fly the Warriors club flag on the Manly Town Hall for a week if the Warriors win Sunday’s NRL Grand Final on the condition that if the unforeseen happened the Auckland Town Hall would fly the Manly Sea Eagles flag for a week.

In 2002 when the Warriors faced the Roosters in the Grand Final that same challenge was put to then Auckland Mayor John Banks by former Sydney Lord Mayor Frank Sartor. Mr Brewer, who was press secretary to John Banks at the time, said the Auckland Town Hall held up its end of the deal and flew the Roosters flag for a week.

“Mayor Brown is naturally feeling very confident the Warriors will win on Sunday. This is the perfect opportunity to see how confident the Mayor of Manly is feeling and whether she’s prepared to put her money where her mouth is. This is the Warriors best ever chance so let’s put the challenge back onto the Aussies. It has been a long time coming. For those of us who had to endure the Roosters flag fluttering on the Auckland Town Hall nine years ago, it would be very satisfying to see the Warriors flag on the historic Manly Town Hall.”

Mr Brewer said the Manly Council was organising a big public outdoor festival for Sunday and was putting a giant television screen on the forecourt of the Manly Town Hall.

“It would be lovely to know that after the game Manly fans could then look forward to the Warriors flag flying over them the following week. I’m sure the Mad Butcher would happily provide them with a spare one.

“I’ve put the suggestion to the Auckland Mayor’s office but I haven’t heard back. Mayor Brown needs to put some friendly pressure on his Manly counterpart Jean Hay and test how confident she’s really feeling. She has been conspicuously quiet so far,“ says Cameron Brewer.

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