Waiwera Water gives grant to artist

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Waiwera Water NZ Ltd has awarded New Zealand-based artist, Gabby O’Connor, an art grant and is exhibiting her work at the brand’s concept store until the 8th of September.

Gabby O’Connor’s What Lies Beneath opened at The House of Waiwera on the 25th of August. The opening night event was well attended. Guests were enthralled by the iceberg sculpture created out of paper and strategically placed lights.

The Waiwera Society, which awarded the grant, is the brainchild of one of New Zealand’s oldest companies, Waiwera Water. The Society seeks to celebrate and promote the highest achievements in science, art, business and sport.

Grants will go to local artists whose work fits within the theme of Humans and Water. Waiwera intentionally kept the theme broad and ambiguous, to allow for a wide diversity of ideas and interpretations. Anything from large-scale sculptures to nano-photography will be considered. Waiwera sees this as an opportunity for local artists to create unique pieces of art and showcase them to the world. The company will cover production costs.

Gabby O’Connor was perfect for the Waiwera Society Art Grant, given the many exhibitions she’s down around the theme of water and nature. Her ability to work so well and so quickly with her hand was honed by years of dedication and experience. On receiving the grant, Gabby says, “It’s a delight to be allowed to do something with those who appreciate art and exhibit my work in one of the most cultural suburbs in Auckland.”

The iceberg sculpture is the first of its kind in Auckland. Companion pieces have previously been featured in Wellington, Waikanae, and most recently, in Oxford, UK. Made from thousands of sheets of tissue paper and lacquer, the work represents the underside of an iceberg, and creates the unique ambience of being beneath the surface of the ocean.

“Gabby O’Connor was an ideal candidate. The concept behind What Lies Beneath is very unique and an excellent starting point for the art grant program,” says Lucky Smythe, General Manager of Sales and Distribution of Waiwera Water.

What Lies Beneath, like other art grant funded projects, will be on exhibit in Auckland for three weeks. After that, it will travel to other international concept spaces owned by The House of Waiwera. Tokyo, Los Angeles and Moscow will all receive infusions of New Zealand art. Directly from Parnell.

This grant is a means of increasing international exposure for the artist and their work. The Waiwera Society views this factor as the most important for both the artist and the society – a project that will help maximize the exposure of New Zealand’s future artistic legends.

Waiwera has a new board of directors who are enthusiastic about New Zealand and ready to create a truly global brand with a strong connection to our culture and heritage.

About Waiwera Water
The award-winning Waiwera Artesian Water was first bottled in 1875, making it one of the oldest bottled waters in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2008, it earned the title of ‘World’s Best Water’ from Decanter magazine in the UK. Waiwera Water is served in upscale restaurants and hotels across the world, with a large presence in the USA and Japan. Please visit www.waiwera.com for more.

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