Budget Allocation For Auckland’s Local Boards

Press Release – Auckland Transition Agency

The local boards of the Auckland Council will have responsibility for budgets totalling $488 million. Auckland Transition Agency
30 October 2010

Budget Allocation For Auckland Council’s Local Boards

The local boards of the Auckland Council will have responsibility for budgets totalling $488 million.

Local boards are responsible for a wide range of community services, facilities and activities in their local areas.

The initial budgets for 2011/2012 have been allocated to meet these responsibilities in accordance with the earlier budgets previously set by the outgoing city, regional and district councils.

These are consolidated in the Planning Document prepared for the Auckland Council by the Auckland Transition Agency (ATA).

The local board responsibilities provided for directly in legislation or allocated to boards have been summarised into the activities and sub-activities set below.

Activity Sub-activity

Community programmes Local community development
Local community facilities
Local community grants, information and advice
Local community safety programmes

Arts services Local arts programmes
Local public art
Local arts facilities
Local arts grants and advice

Events Local events

Libraries Local library facilities and services

Parks Local parks

Recreation services Local recreation programmes
Local recreation and leisure facilities, including pools
Local recreation grants and advice

Governance Local governance and advocacy

Planning and policy Local board plans and agreements
Local bylaw development

Economic development Local business area planning and infrastructure

Street environment and town centres Local street environment and town centres

Environmental management Local environmental programmes

The ATA was required by legislation to make the initial allocation of non-regulatory activities to local boards, in accordance with the principles set out in the legislation.
The governing body of the Auckland Council may allocate additional responsibilities and funding as it sees fit.

Allocated by local board area, the total expenditure budgets (capital and operating expenditure) is as follows:

Board Operating Expenditure
(millions) Capital
Albert-Eden $11.9 $0.8
Devonport-Takapuna $16.1 $1.8
Franklin $12.7 $2.4
Great Barrier $1.5 $0.6
Henderson-Massey $28.6 $14.5
Hibiscus and Bays $17.6 $10.0
Howick $32.1 $0.8
Kaipatiki $22.0 $0.6
Mangere-Otahuhu $20.4 $0.4
Manurewa $23.2 $0.2
Maungakiekie-Tamaki $15.1 $5.9
Orakei $13.4 $6.7
Otara-Papatoetoe $23.2 $0.2
Papakura $10.4 $4.2
Puketepapa $8.9 $2.0
Rodney $11.4 $8.0
Upper Harbour $8.7 $1.5
Waiheke $3.9 $0.7
Waitakere Ranges $9.4 $0.7
Waitemata $35.4 $10.5
Whau $12.2 $0.4
Unallocated to a specific board $27.1 $50.2
TOTAL $365.3

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