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North Shore Start-Ups and Micro Businesses Set To Receive Massive Boost, As Accountants Launch New Coaching Program North Shore Start-Ups and Micro Businesses Set To Receive Massive Boost, As Accountants Launch New Coaching Program

Coaching Club Ignite, a new coaching program tailor-made for North Shore small and start-up businesses by Accountants, RES Group and their business growth division 10X North Shore, is tipped to inject the local community with a new profit surge.

Having seen too many local businesses in the early stages of growth still struggling to make headway in less-than-hospitable economic times, Butch Mawdsley, of RES Group decided to take proactive action via its specialist business growth division 10X. “Many clients of our accounting firm were doing it tough and didn’t really know where to go for help in order to grow their profits and build their operations, says Butch.

“The thing is, being start-ups and micro clients, many couldn’t afford to acquire the professional coaching help they need – it was a catch 22 situation. We decided enough was enough.” He adds.

Coaching Club Ignite addresses the challenges faced by local small businesses by providing an affordable, high value-add coaching and support program which is designed to help them take giant leaps forward, instead of stumbling along with baby steps.

“Coaching Club Ignite is a hugely exciting product for us because it means we can finally offer the smaller North Shore businesses help that will save them time, money and that kind of ‘trial and error’ operating that many micro businesses fall into the trap of,” Butch reveals.

“What businesses receive is professional coaching by our resident 10X Coach’s in a group setting, which helps them to identify where they need to go. It also provides an environment where the sum of the whole is greater than the parts, as all business have their own unique experiences and insights to contribute to one another. Next, they receive an ‘Accountability Buddy’ with whom they meet every month, in order to keep them on track, share insights and provide support.”

“Best of all, they receive online access to literally millions of dollars worth of IP, marketing templates, strategies and plans they can use straight away to start dramatically increasing the profit and growth potential of their business. This online package is comprised of:

• Access to 10X Business School – containing millions of dollars worth of ready-made marketing material, templates and strategies that business owners can pick up and run with, to start causing improved results and affecting their profitability right away.
A business owner’s own, ready-made website, where they can promote their business to customers, upload photos, videos, update blogs and manage all of their social networking sites from one central online portal.
Support from a national network of 10X Coaches who can answer questions in real time and provide the motivation and ‘how to’s’ that keep small business owners moving forward toward their goals, in between group Coaching Club Ignite meetings.

“Coaching Club Ignite has been a long time in the making and we know it will address a real need in the community for those smaller businesses looking to get the tools and ‘how to’s’ to progress at a much faster rate, with professional support and tried and tested strategies to increase profits,” says Butch.

The coaching and support of Coaching Club Ignite is specifically structured to work in with a busy business owners’ schedule – this combined with its affordability for all types of small businesses, means that 10X North Shore and RES Group have now created a scenario where nothing has to keep North Shore business owners from receiving everything they need to take their business to the next level.

Coaching Club Ignite is the latest addition to 10X North Shore’s business development offerings, and is in response to a growing trend among business owners wanting to benefit from a ‘mastermind’ group that pools their ideas, experience and insights for collective benefit – in a structured setting.

Coaching for business growth and increased profitability in this style has become increasingly popular in recent years and 10X North Shore and RES Group have already received substantial interest from local businesses interested in taking part in the new program.


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